No Case. No Problem!

Don't let the toilet flush away your pictures and contacts away with the rest of your business. Nano-Coating provides IPX7 water resistance protection against all types of liquids for your smartphone, keeping your data and wallet safe from what could be a very costly accident.

How does this water resistance coating work?

 First we place your iPhone or cell phone into our machine with the proprietary nano liquid, the water resistance coating. Once the phone and liquid are locked in the machine, the nano liquid is atomized and sucked into the phone camber. In the phone camber the atomized liquid slips in through all the cracks of the cell phone and settles on the inside components.

How long does it take?

The water resistance coating is a fairly quick process. We need your cell phone for less than an hour, then BOOM! Your iPhone or Android device is ready to face the world against water.

What does this treatment protect against?

-Drinks (Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic)
-Washing Machines
-And more